Service Valet/Lot Attendant

Bakersfield, CA

The Valet/Porter Position has a Pay Scale consisting of the following elements and ranges. Wages include Base Hourly Compensation of between $15.50 and $16.00.

Position Purpose

The Service Lot Attendant/Valet is responsible for moving service customer vehicles ensuring smooth and efficient traffic flow through the facility and increase customer convenience and maintain an orderly service parking area.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

  • Maintain the parking lot in a neat and organized manner, free of debris and fluid leaks.
  • Regularly checks to make sure that all vehicles in parking lot are locked and secure.
  • Assist in moving disabled vehicles in or around the Service Department.
  • Retrieve customer vehicles from the parking lot when their bill is paid or as directed by the cashier.
  • Inspect vehicle and record on the repair order any vehicle damage present when the vehicle is taken in for service.
  • Deliver keys and repair order hard copies to the appropriate Group Leaders workstation immediately after parking a vehicle in the service parking lot.
  • Inspect each vehicle for lot damage that may have been done during the vehicle’s stay in the Service Department, reporting any damage to management immediately.
  • Keeps service drive traffic flowing by parking vehicles in designated parking areas after service write-up and damage inspection is complete.
  • Install disposable seat covers, steering wheel covers, floor mats and ID tags in all vehicles taken in for service.
  • Prior to returning a completed vehicle to a customer, remove the seat covers, steering wheel covers, floor mats and ID tags installed when the vehicle was taken in for service.
  • Wash all vehicles in for service before delivery to client in a timely manner.
  • Inspect all vehicles for grease or other stains or debris that may have incurred in service cleaning them up immediately using the materials and techniques specified by management.
  • Keep waste cans emptied and haul bulky waste items to dumpster on scheduled days and as needed.
  • Shuttle clients to and from the dealership as needed.
  • Immediately report to Management any situation or condition that jeopardizes the safety, welfare, or integrity of the dealership, its employees, or its customers.
  • Adhere to work schedule and arrive at work before your scheduled start time and be at your work station productively engaged by the scheduled time.
  • Complies with all safety rules and use all appropriate safety and personal protection equipment as required.
  • Adhere to established dress code policy at all times.
  • Safeguard customer and Dealer information per established policy.
  • Exemplifies organizational culture and holds others in department accountable for doing the same.
  • Accomplishes all current and future tasks as appropriately assigned or requested.
  • Other related duties as may be assigned.